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"Flubbed his dub"

I was listening to Johnny Cash’s version of “In the Jailhouse Now,” which has the line:

Well Old Bill really flubbed his dub when he wore a tuxedo to the country club.

I did a quick search for “flubbed his dub” on Google, and only this Hindu Unity rant came back. You can find “flub your dub” a couple of times, including this bluegrass song. I assume that ‘flub (your) dub” means make a big mistake; but how did this Southernism get to India?

Merriam-Webster Online gives this definition of “dub” (among others, of course):

to trim or remove the comb and wattles of.

(Here’s a Mudcat cafe discussion of various lyrics for “In the Jailhouse Now”).

I don’t think I’ll need to talk about wattle-trimming, but I think I might start saying, “don’t flub your dub.”


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