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Followup on the search for 'vice presidential debate'

A followup on post about searching for ‘vice presidential debate’, which Tim commented on.

First of all, I really wasn’t complaining about (say) Yahoo Search’s lack of results from the 2004 debates–it was just odd and a bit disorienting to be thrown back to 2000. I even clicked on an audio stream of the debate and got a ‘this stream is no longer available’ error message–it was then that I realized this was a link for the 2000 Lieberman-Cheney debate.

Second, I think Tim’s a bit wrong when says they don’t “just don’t grok the intertwingliness of the future which is now.” (That is, Tim says the web was not yet up-to-date, and the search results just reflected that). In fact, going back to the search today, I notice a couple of things that Yahoo groks that I didn’t see before. Yahoo Search shows me Yahoo News links to the debate coverage. Also, the sponsored links give me information, too, including one link which would have got me what I was looking for: a way to watch the debate on-line (I’d have had to pay, and I wasn’t going to do that, but it was relevant).

Usually, I don’t see sponsored links as very valuable to me, although I understand the value to the search engine companies. The main exception is when I’m looking for product information. But I learned something here: sponsored links (as well as the news links, of course) should be scanned when looking for more recent information.


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