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Bush-Kerry Debate (III)

People always want “knock-out blows” in a debate, but there weren’t any, of course. Bush usually sounded less desparate than he did in the first two debates; he always seems more intelligent when he’s calm. Kerry’s performance was exactly the same as in the first two debates: “presidential,” in a word. CBS’s instant poll of undecideds said a plurality thought Kerry had won the debate.

I could be wrong, but I think this debate shows that the right’s use of “liberal” as a scare word is dying. Bush, at least, didn’t seem to make any headway with it. Kerry as to the left of Ted Kennedy–hah! I don’t think anyone will buy that who’s not already a dittohead.

OK–I’ll predict that Kerry will beat Bush in the popular vote with approximately the same margin as Gore beat Bush in 2000. Whether he’ll win the electoral college vote remains to be seen.


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