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Happy New Year

We spent New Year’s Eve the way we usually do–with a group of friends we’ve been celebrating with every year for more than two decades–the Aldermans, the Neevils, and the Robbins (participating via instant messaging from Honduras), plus Bess’s sister Jean and her two boys. Mark was off to a ‘black-tie’ party of this own (having found a spiffy tuxedo for $20 dollars–shades of Napoleon Dynamite–at a thrift store).

We played our usual guys vs. girls games–we had a hoot with Catch Phrase, where we learned how differently kids and adults remember and image things: ‘Poison Ivy’ was primarily a movie character to one nephew, and ‘Crankshaft’ only a cartoon to another. This year–for the first time in many years–the guys beat the girls. I guess I should disclose this only happened because I persuaded Kathy Alderman to play on the guys’ team. (We’re pretty sure Kathy is telepathic, at least with respect to word and drawing games).

We got to bed at 2 a.m. I somewhat foolishly got up at 7 a.m. to sing Harmonia Sacra down in Goshen, Indiana. This is similar, but not identical, to Sacred Harp. A tune I really like is the first one we sang: Amboy, which is not in the Denson book.

Best wishes to all for a happy new year.


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