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Roseville muralist

I grew up in Roseville, Michigan, an anonymous Detroit suburb of no distinction. It’s among the least beautiful places I’ve ever seen–the homes are non-descript, the businesses are strip-maill ugly. My father still lives there, so I visit it from time to time. One point of artistic light is a funky little studio run by Ed Stross, who has painted a large mural on the side of his building with portraits of Mother Theresa and Princess Diana. So, of course the obvious thing to do is to threaten to send him to jail for including a bare-breasted Eve.

His studio is kitty-corner from the Roseville Theatre, one of the only interesting buidlings in Roseville, where I spent a lot of time as a youth watching double features such as my favorite combonation ever: The Paper Lion and The Yellow Submarine. It now shows indie films and is a band venue. I have no idea where they get an audience for indie films in Roseville.

(Story via boingboing).


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