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Google business solutions

Tim Bray writes about how much he hates ‘solution’ as marketing speak. Unfortunately, perhaps, even Google is providing solutions.


One response to “Google business solutions

  1. Daniel Lemire May 4, 2005 at 8:45 am

    Good catch. Indeed, when I read on Tim’s site that google and yahoo didn’t use “solutions” on their home page, I assumed it to be true. Unfortunately, it seems like Tim was wrong.

    I was at a store about a week ago when I saw a product advertized as a “bathroom solution”. In fact, this was the name of the product as far as I can tell “bathroom solution”. I don’t recall what the thing did, probably something clever, but my point is that “solution” can apply to just about anything, so “business solution” means absolutely nothing.

    It is always sad when people make it so that their words become meaningless.

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