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2004 Sacred Harp Frequency of Choices

I’ve done an analysis of how frequently hymns from the Denson book were chosen during annual singings in 2004 (as recorded by the Sacred Harp Minutes book).

rank by frequency chart

I tried to be careful to count only selections from Denson. I didn’t look at choices from singings specifically listed as Cooper Book or ‘mixed’ singings. I used a semi-automated process to do the counting.

Perhaps the most interesting difference between the 2002 frequencies is the apparent strong effect of Cold Mountain — 282, I’m Going Home, is was the most chosen tune in 2004. In 2002, it was tied for 54th place–along with Idumea (47b), which moved up to 19th place in 2004.

Thanks to Chris Thorman for help with the data.


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