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Sacred Harp at the Sacred Music Festival

Kalamazoo hosts a biennial Festival of Sacred Music, which is taking place this weekend. Martha Beverley and Sam Sommers lead a Sacred Harp workshop this morning; I love listening to Sam describe how to remember the shapes: ‘FA points fa-r fa-r away; LA is square like the Law (and starts with L, which is square); SO is round like the Sol, the sun; and MI is a diamond–diamonds are relatively rare, as are MIs, so diamonds are for me.’ It looks like we may have picked up a couple of new singers today (though time will tell).

One new singer we have is Mary Powers, who is the coolest Drain Commissioner (well, ex-Drain Commissioner) you’ll ever meet. (Hey, Lemondor, I bet you never get to chill with drain commissioners!)

Singing today allowed us to score free tickets to hear Chicago Syntagma Musicum presenting “A Spanish Medieval Pilgrimage.”


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