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Warning: trivial post ahead, involving a dream and the Oxford English Dictionary.

When I was a poor undergraduate student, I had a copy of the compact OED, but I had to sell it to buy food or something. By the time I got to graduate school, Northwestern had online access to the OED. Ah, I thought, I’ll never be without the OED again. But as soon as I left the university, I lost it. I was glad to regain it during the year I taught at Kalamazoo College (one of the liberal arts types couldn’t understand why I’d want to use the OED, but we’ll pass over this).

The other night I work up from a dream, in which I had to know the meaning of the word ‘pogue.’ It’s not in the freely available dictionaries, as far as I could determine.

But the BBC is allowing free access to the OED while they are doing some kind of special on them over in Britain. The catch is that you have to get to the OED using a UK IP address. But Dave’s proxy server allows just that, and I could look up ‘pogue’ in the OED:

A bag, purse, wallet or container. Also by metonymy, money, takings. Also attrib., as pogue-hunter, a thief who steals purses, a pickpocket.

So, until “13 February,” I can read the OED online.

I have no idea why I was dreaming of the word “pogue.”


One response to “Pogue

  1. Will February 5, 2006 at 10:12 pm

    My brother Steve wrote to tell me that ‘pogue’ is Irish (Gaelic) for ‘kiss.’ See What does ‘pogue’ mean?. Thanks, Steve.

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