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Ways from Sunday

There might be a googolplex ways from Sunday to make a list like this:
Two ways from Sunday–the universe fails me.
Three ways from Sunday–regular punk band.
Four ways from Sunday–how friendship is tested.
Five ways from Sunday–Christian punk band.
Six ways from Sunday–emo poppy band.
Seven ways from Sunday–Short story collection.
Eight ways from Sunday–HP fanfic (rated R).
Nine ways from Sunday–an errant compass.
Ten ways from Sunday–Arena rock band.
Eleven ways from Sunday–ways to analyze a poker hand.
Twelve ways from Sunday–balanced Orc Goblin player lists (????)
Thirteen ways from Sunday–how science works.
Fourteen ways from Sunday–how to repent.
Fifteen ways from Sunday–how Bob Goodenow spins the situation.
Sixteen ways from Sunday–insufficient number of ways to study marketing.
Seventeen ways from Sunday–slip-sliding irony.
Eighteen ways from Sunday–ways guys can muff it.
Nineteen ways from Sunday–how to mangle a quote.
Twenty ways from Sunday–checkmate possibilities.

A million ways from Sunday–failed attempts at writing ASP code.


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