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Harmonia Sacra recordings

I got a comment from John Lamb about the New Year’s Harmonia Sacra singing. I quote him here:

Six lessons from the this singing are available for listening at the following link



A cd of the singing is currently in progress – it will contain roughly 26 lessons from the 60 something that were sung at the singing – including New Monmouth, which is one of my favorite songs from this singing.

John Lamb, Harrisson, TN

Included is Daughter of Zion (mp3), a personal favorite and one that I taught at the recent Berkeley weekly singing.



2 responses to “Harmonia Sacra recordings

  1. Toni Minot February 7, 2006 at 11:57 pm

    Thanks for the link! Contains one of my favorites, too — “Hosanna” — which I know of from the Christian Harmony tunebook, and it’s a particularly spirited version of that tune.

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