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"Bridging the Church Music Gap"

From Bridging the Church Music Gap, Sojourners Magazine/March 2006

[A] number of churches that approach music from one pole or the other also dabble in less familiar material. Organists gamely plod through choruses, and praise bands rock out on old warhorse hymns. … But too often, this sort of music is programmed as an exception to the dominant pattern of whichever polarized model. Thus the overall tone of a service’s music—a deal-breaker for many people—is not really changed. For music both tradition-grounded and accessible to function as a uniter, it needs to comprise the main pool from which weekly programming is drawn—with sufficient space reserved in the margins for rock songs or plainsong.
This is a difficult goal. It requires diversely skilled musicians, especially pianists—as this versatile instrument perhaps does more to authentically bridge the style gap than does any other element.

Well, there is also the human voice. I think worship leaders too little with unaccompanied voice, which is even more versatile than pianos with respect to changing styles.

Still, this article has a number of good resources that bear looking into.


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