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A psalm for Tom Fox

The Light is before me, and in me, and surrounds me.
The Light soothes my fears and eases my tremblings.
I waited before the powerful.
I sought to stand in the way of great oppression,
Aware that brutality desires hidden corners and not Light.

Lesser oppressors came and surrounded me as well.
Surrounded my friends, and me.
Yet I held out the Light, even as they hid us,
And pursued justice in places of fear and anger.
What are the thoughts of my killers as they come to slay me?
Do they think their small violence will stop their oppression?
Does violence so cloud their hearts that no Light can enter?

Yet I do believe that the Light overcomes shadows:
Perhaps the despair of their hearts now,
Perhaps the shadows of violent men and women soon,
Perhaps the …

Wait on the Light. Act on the Light.

(loosely based on Psalm 27)


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