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Spring seems to be arriving

Spring seems to be arriving. We drove across southern Michigan yesterday (to pick son Mark up from a weeklong internship with my Aunt Kathleen, who is a real estate agent), and then to mid-Michigan to take Mark back to university. We saw dozens of groupings of Canada geese arriving, as well as sand hill cranes. Three fat turkeys were waddling in one field, and lots of hawks. One gave me a good show as it came in across the highway to attack its prey on the center strip. The red wing blackbirds seem to be back, too: I saw three within a mile or so as I was leaving Lansing.
Temperatures were in the 60’s today. Bess pointed out the crocus shoots as we left for church; by the time we returned, one set had blossomed. Our small artificial pond has completely thawed, and the goldfish, purchased for seven cents each a year ago, managed to overwinter, and look something like real koi now. Frogs were hopping into the pond, too.

The forecast is for dropping temperatures and up to three inches of snow tomorrow. But winter’s back has been broken, I think. It could just be the last snowstorm of the year.


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