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Once upon a time–back in the early 80’s–I taught English as a Second Language. A number of my students were Bahá’ís from Iran. I remember one student in particular who wasn’t doing very well, and whom I had to ask to come to my office to discuss her academic situation. It turned out that she was very motivated to correct any problems she was having, because if she failed and lost her student visa, she would have to return to Iran, and face the ongoing persecution of Bahá’í believers by the Shia-controlled government. Flunk her, and she’d go home to Iran, to die.

I havent’ thought much about the Bahá’í community in Iran since then. But I rread this morning, in Ruth Gledhill, the religion correspondent of the London Times, that the persecution has continued, 25 years on. The Iranian government is collecting the name of every Bahá’í in Iran; this is not a good sign, because Bahá’ís don’t have the right to practice their religion in Iran.

The map above is from bahaiblog.net.


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