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1o Mayo

I’ve been enjoying listening to Spanish radio out here in California, partly to practice my Spanish, partly because I’m about to live in a latino neighborhood, partly because I’m really grooving on the tuba sounds played during Piolín por la Mañana as I’ve been driving around.

With the talk of new immigration laws in the air, some immigration activists are calling for a ‘stay-at-home’ protest on May 1. I’m starting my new job then, so I don’t think it would be wise to not go to work on my first day… But it did encourage me to write to my US representative and senators:

Dear …,

As you are no doubt aware, on May 1st many people are calling for demonstrations and boycotts in support of fair and just immigration reform. To the extent that you can, I urge you to identify and support immigration reforms that:

– allow immigrating families to stay together,
– allow immigrants access to necessary health and other human services, and
– ensure that immigrants receive fair wages and benefits

while maintaining (non-militarized!) security and control of our borders.

Best regards,

Will Fitzgerald

(Thanks to Mark Nielsen for his prompting to do something in support of fair and just immigration reform).


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