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Ruth Christophel and Esther Christophel

I want to record the passing of two dear friends.

Ruth Christophel was a very dear woman, the oldest and sweetest person in our small Mennonite church, the wife of the founding pastor. She lived a long full life, and desired to go home to be with Jesus.

Esther Chistophel was a good friend to many, including Bess and me: we almost always sought her out for a word or two at church services, because she was so kind and loving and interested in the world around her. I’m sure I’m not the only one who burst into tears on hearing of her death. Her printed obituary says this:

Esther was [a] homemaker who lived for her family and those in need. She was a member of Pine Grove Mennonite Church, where she had taught Sunday school, was a former song leader and sent cards to shut-ins and the sick. She was also a member of the former Kellogg Community College Eclectic Coral, now known as Echoes of Grace and she volunteered at the Marian Burch Adult Day Care Center. Esther had a very outgoing personality and made new friends easily; and she enjoyed photography and vegetable and flower gardening.

Among those she cared for was her mother-in-law Ruth. Among the many sad things in the timing of her death is that after years of caring for her mother-in-law, she will be unable to spend her later years with her beloved husband Eldon, nor he with her. I can’t imagine the grief of losing both your mother and your wife in a fortnight’s time.

May God console Eldon and the extended Chirstophel family in their grief. I imagine Esther singing in God’s vast multi-ethnic choir, excited and joyful about the new tunes she is learning, the new ways of praising the God she loves.

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