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RIP, Liz Purchase

Dear Liz,

How we loved you. You were such an example to us when you started the “Bread Box,” a local restaurant and meeting place, to provide nutritious, home-made food inexpensively. And you did it when you were in your late 60’s–as part of your “outward journey” to serve God in the world, which also included your leadership in the local Bread for the World group.

When Yofi, our beloved cat, scratched our new baby’s face out of jealousy, and we had to find it a home, you took Yofi in, and made her fat and happy.

It seems like it’s been a long twilight for you, and though we are sad you are gone, we have the firm hope that you are feasting in the presence of the Jesus you served. And, if pets go to heaven, please say hello to Yofi for us, and tell her no hard feelings.

Obiturary. Thanks to Dean for the pointer.

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