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My repeatedly brave

Mark Liberman (to whom I emailed about Zonker’s use of ‘my brave‘), wrote about ‘My adjective‘ on Language Log. As usual, he has interesting things to say. He points out that

One small issue is that second-person forms like “your idiotic” are homophonous with the corresponding clausal forms “you’re idiotic” etc. But that sort of ambiguity between innovation and conservatism may be an advantage.

I began to wonder whether complex adjectival phrases will eventually be allowed in “My ___” forms. I began to wonder when I wrote the following in an email to that cooler friend of mine, Ryan, about Liberman’s essay, whinging that Liberman didn’t cite me in his essay:

My a tiny bit chagrined not to be acknowledged in the essay but what the hay

By the way, we tried to teach Steve that using the “My adjective” thing will make him as cool and hip as us. Well, he’s already hipper and cooler than I am, so I guess I mean just Ryan. So when he was ill yesterday, Steve wrote Ryan an email that included “my barf.” Sorry, Steve, that should be My nauseated.


2 responses to “My repeatedly brave

  1. Mark Liberman June 19, 2006 at 9:04 am

    I apologize for failing to cite you — I’ve corrected the omission in the original post. It happened because when I got your email, I added a note to my “to blog” list in a rush, without putting your name on it. When I finally got around to writing the post, a few days later, I had totally forgotten where the idea came from. Sorry to have been so thoughtless.

  2. Will June 19, 2006 at 10:24 am

    My tiny bit of chagrin is vastly exceeded by my gratitude at your writing about the topic to begin with, writing about Zonker’s ‘my brave’ in the context of the whole Zonker-BD conversation, and by your kind remarks here.

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