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Singing with Jessica

Here’s how it happened. Jessica Beer, a fierce alto from Portland sent out an email:

Hello everyone … especially my fine friends to the coastal south!
I’ll be traveling through California over the next couple of weeks, and I wonder if anyone out there would like to meet me for some random singing. I have very little flexibility, due to the nature of my trip, so here are the dates I will be in each city, and some indication of the times I might be available as well. If any of this syncs up with your schedule, please contact me!

She manages the group 3 Leg Torso who are on tour. I misread her note, which said they were having their first concert on Friday, as saying she wanted to sing on Friday. So I worked on arranging a local singing. In the end, six of us–Jessica, Philip, Mark, Jill (another fierce alto, who is really ready to have her baby come), and Katie (a newly minted alto who is working on her fierceness) came together–oh, and my housemate Teri bravely attempted to follow along. So we had no trebles, but Mark led a strong bass, and I was the tenor (with Teri gamely attending). The power of the altos and basses was mighty, and I surfed the waves of that power (wiping out from time to time). Great fun.

My mistake led to a good singing, and it even left time to go to another welcoming party for someone just returning to the Church of the Sojourners, where, to my great delight and surprise, old friends from Chicago–Ronn and Nina Franz–were chatting away with Sojourner folks, along with their daughter Hilda, who’s come to stay for a while as she does a local internship.

All in all, a most satisfying evening.


One response to “Singing with Jessica

  1. stevec July 11, 2006 at 6:28 pm

    thanks, will, for setting that up. we worry a little when she, or for that matter, any webfoot, is wandering in the wilderness south of the border. the prospect of jessica returning unsung is daunting indeed. i particularly enjoyed your metaphor of surfing on the basses and altos. i think that will stick with me. sing on. sc

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