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Singing at Goshen

It was a very good singing today in Goshen; as Mark Miller has remarked, it’s a bit like singing inside the body of a guitar. Lots of southern singers, a very fierce alto section, excellent food. It was stifling hot–in the high 90’s, I think, and humid–but somehow that was all right. Sam Sommers: we’re going to take a break now, and be sure to try and rehydrate yourselves, and if you can’t do that, at least drink some water. Personal highlight: meeting Warren Steel for the first time, and being ask by him to sing on the front bench for a while. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Martha Beverly; I’m sure tha the pictures will show up soon at her flickr site. Tomorrow: the Kalamazoo convention!

(Image courtesy of Martha Beverly).


One response to “Singing at Goshen

  1. Mark Fitzgerald July 16, 2006 at 5:57 pm

    You used the word “tha” in place of “the”…I’m hoping this is a typo.

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