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Thank you for contact Mr. Reach

My life is pretty easy if this is the biggest complaint I feel the need to write about:

We purchased a Johnson & Johnson Reach Easyglide Pro Freshmint Floss, and have had the following problems:

– there is so much wax on the floss, it is hard to use because it slips in our hands,
– there is so much wax on the floss, it is hard to get between our teeth,
– it is almost impossible to cut the floss using the included cutter,
– the cutter and feeder are poorly attached to the body, and so collapsed when trying to cut the floss,
– the idea of having a ‘pro’ floss stikes us as silly as best and insulting at worst,
– we resent having to pay extra for non-functioning products (often, we are unable to purchase J&J’s basic waxed floss because stores do not carry it).

We would be glad if J&J refunded our money for this inferior product, and if J&J could make stronger efforts to ensure availability of their basic waxed floss product.

Will & Bess Fitzgerald

The J&J website replies:

Thank you for contact Mr. Reach


2 responses to “Thank you for contact Mr. Reach

  1. Mark Fitzgerald July 17, 2006 at 12:21 pm

    I used that samefloss when I was home a few weeks ago. It worked fine for me…probably becuase of the abnormally large gaps between my teeth (genetics: better for chomping rice..no?). Although it was tough slicing it with its “cutter;” it was humid out, perhaps explaining why the floss was more tough to cut. Anyways…there are no guarantees (maybe it’s assumed that every Johnson & Johnson customer in Michigan uses their floss in an airconditioned environment during the summer months).

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