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Harmonia Sacra CD update

John Lamb wrote:

Hi Will,

An update on the Harmonia Sacra cd — in production as we speak.  Should be in the mail by the end of the week.  My apologiees for the long delay!

As I’m writing this, samples from yesterday’s Hamburg, VA singing are playing in the background.  A disc with 8 samples of “valley” style singing will be on their way to June Melton shortly for her Pilgrim Productions site.  As time and resources permit, a cd of this singing will be created.

Thought you and your readers would be interested in the above.

John Lamb

This is an update on my post about ordering John’s recording of the New Year’s Day Harmonia Sacra singing in Goshen, Indiana.


One response to “Harmonia Sacra CD update

  1. John Lamb August 16, 2006 at 11:42 am


    Your cd (and those of another of others who place advanced orders) went into the mail Tuesday morning. Should reach you shortly.

    Samples of my latest field recording from a Harmonia Sacra singing in Hamburg, VA may be found on http://www.pilgrimproduction.org/sacredharp/john%20lamb/hamburg.html



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