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More and more frequency statistics

Wonderful Chris Thorman has published a beautifully designed page showing frequency and rank statistics for tune selection from the Denson Sacred Harp conventions–for all years with on-line data (1995-2005) at Fasola.org. I’ve been playing with the data.

  • The distribution of frequency to rank is an almost perfect lognormal curve for the 11 years (98% correlation).
  • I was surprised to see that Liberty (137) has the biggest downward trend over the 11 year period — it’s ‘batting average’ dropped from .514 to .220 from ’95 to ’05. I’m Going Home (282) is the biggest gainer, essentially the opposite of Liberty (from .223 to .581).
  • The correlation between order-in-the-book and frequency overall is -.21; that is, there is a slight tendency for later tunes to be choosen less.

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