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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Google Goggles

Way cool flight-sim that uses Google maps for background: Goggles. (via rw).


The Barn at the End of the World

Book cover I’ve been quite enjoying reading The Barn at the End of the World, by Mary Rose O’Reilley, published by Milkweed Press. It reminds me a lot of the writing of Annie Dillard (who has her own website: ‘The Secrets of the Universe as Decoded by the Unhinged’): essays about mindfulness at the interface between the natural and artificial worlds, as well at the interface of the social and solitary life. O’Reilly has a kind of spiritual eclecticism (not only is she a Quaker Buddhist shepherd, but a former Catholic novitiate) that I find both appealing and a bit scandalous–why is this Quaker/Catholic bowing before a buddha? But it’s a question she asks herself–one thing I find appealing about her is how she approaches spiritual practices with an open but doubtful mind. Also, there’s a lot about sheep-raising; I don’t think I’ll be raising sheep anytime soon, any more than I’d want to raise chickens.
Thanks to Linda for lending me the book.