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Kids tried this at home

For Jane’s science class, we performed a science experiment at home (She is studying the scientific method again). Because Bess works with peppers, we designed a simple experiment to see which part of an Anaheim pepper is the hottest: the seeds, the flesh, the placenta or the stem. Bess carefully cut a small piece of the flesh and the placenta (she put the stem aside) about the size of a seed for each of us. We each tasted a seed, the flesh and the placenta and marked whether it was mild, a little hot, hot, or very hot. Seed: a little hot, a little hot, a little hot. Flesh: mild, a little hot, mild. Placenta: very hot, very hot, yeeyaw!

So now you know: it’s not the seeds, but the white placenta that holds the seeds that contains the heat.

Oh, and the stems? We’re holding them back for stem cell research. (Sorry, that was Bess’s joke).


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