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Upgrading from buggy iTunes 7.0.x to a working iTunes 6.0.5 on the Mac

ITunes 7.0.x for the Mac, at least, is very, very buggy. Here are instructions for reverting to iTunes 6.0.5, based on instructions found in various places on the web. ITunes 7.0.x hasn’t worked for me at all for more than 10 minutes since I installed it. The 7.0.1 release did not fix any of the problems that I was having.
Note that these instructions will lose any changes you’ve made since upgrading to iTunes 7.0.x. Use these instructions at your own risk.

  1. Deauthorize iTunes 7 for any purchases made
  2. Download iTunes 6.0.5 installer. I got mine from Apple’s download center, but it appears to be gone now. FileHippo seems to have it: http://www.filehippo.com/download_itunes/?1249
  3. Place iTunes 7 application in the Trash
  4. Place the file  /Library/Receipts/iTunesX.pkg in the Trash. (there’s another file there, iTunes.pkg. You can (should?) leave it alone).
  5. Run the iTunes 6 installer.
  6. Place the file Music/iTunes/iTunes Library file in the Trash
  7. Duplicate the most recent copy of backed up iTunes Library files in Music/iTunes/Previous iTunes Libraries (it will be something like ‘iTunes Library 2006-09-14’).
  8. Rename this file ‘iTunes Library’ and put it in the Music/iTunes folder
  9. Run iTunes 6, reauthorize any purchases.
  10. Vow never to buy anything more from the iTunes store–it’s ridiculous that Apple’s buggy software could result in one’s not being able to play music one’s purchased from Apple.

Can you tell which step I did not do?


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