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Monthly Archives: October 2006

A Powerset reveal

An article in Ventureblog about Powerset, the company I work for, has kicked up a minor storm in the blogosphere about Powerset and the very idea of natural language search. I’d just like to point people to a weblog post by Barney Pell, our CEO, on Powerset and Natural Language Search. For those who might wonder why I’m working for Powerset, Barney’s vision explains it well:

Seen in this light, there is enormous room for fundamental innovation in search, as the game has only just begun. I believe we are going to look back 5 to 10 years from now and say: “remember when we used to search using keywords?”. It will take hard work to get there, but that’s what we’re working on at Powerset!


AARP card arrives…

OK, so we decided to join AARP…it’s cheap, and has some good benefits. Our cards arrived today, and I’m a little worried. It says, “Expiration: Sep 2009.”


Earworm comic
(made with commix beta 1.0; commix art by Fay Ryu).