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Our company did a slight remake of our website, with perhaps the most interesting thing: a list of our Angel round investors mentioned on our newly minted company blog.

What’s that you say, a company can’t have a blog? That there’s no difference between a company blog and a press release? Silly you: Press releases talk about the company in the third person, have an about section, and a media contact. Blogs talk about the company in the first person and allow comments.

And, so you see, the title of this post is to be parsed as Noun+Verb, not Noun+Noun.

One response to “Company blogs

  1. Mark Nielsen November 15, 2006 at 12:18 pm

    Hi Will,

    Going thru (purging) old emails, and realized I had never tagged or read your blog. So sorry! Looks like you’re having fun. I like it.

    One problem: What about personal blogs by people like you, whose name is a helping verb? In other words, if you titled one of your site “Will blogs”, it would be grammatically incorrect. Ever think of that, Mr. Smartypants?

    The Once and Future English Teacher,
    “Mark My Words”

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