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The new Google is … Powerset?


David Smith at The Guardian hypes web 2.0 (or web 3.0) and writes “The new Google is … Powerset.”

Calm down, everyone. Read what Barney Pell (Powerset CEO), Lorenzo Thione (Product Architect) and Steve Newcomb (COO) are saying on their blogs, especially Barney’s comments on Google and Powerset in the Sunday Times:

Search is in its early days, and natural language is the future of search. But it’s both difficult to enable natural language search at all, and to do it on a scale like Google is a harder matter still. I’m not sure I would be “relaxed” about the disruption that natural language search will involve. But I’m really happy that this discussion about natural language search is now happening among the major players, and that Powerset is helping to push the envelope.

Don’t believe the meta-hype :)

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