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Infinite will

This sort of just happened today, while initiating a video conference between the Powerset mothership and the Kalamazoo complex (i.e., my basement).

Jeff Shrager pointed his camera at the projector screen, and made iChat full screen. So, I guess I’m talking to myself here. Talk about an echo chamber!


2 responses to “Infinite will

  1. Mark February 7, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    Oh yeah…
    I also had a similar funky experience recently, when goofing off with my son and the video camera, which he likes to hook up to the monitor and see himself onscreen, live. I turned the camera upside down, then shot his face as he kissed the monitor. The resulting “double negative” (upside down camera shoots upside down onscreen image) created a second *right-side-up* image on the monitor. Freaked me out.

    Cultivate the wonder and whim, baby!

  2. Luke Easter September 6, 2007 at 10:53 pm

    To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required

    Don’t stop to build a house where you should pitch a tent,
    Paying on a negative mortgage instead of positive rent,
    Continue to always dream big instead of small,
    Otherwise, why have a dream at all?

    I’d rather dream big and receive a little bit,
    Than to have a small one, then get all of it,
    Know a little of the bible, in the word being wise,
    Instead of memorizing scripture but spreading lies.

    Keep pushing forward instead of shifting in reverse,
    Deuteronomy 30:19, choose the blessing over the curse,
    I was in a church and the minister didn’t think I’d prevail,
    Left so fast my underwear had to be shipped in Monday’s mail.

    Yeah, it still hurts even more and there are sky-high bills,
    Worse being addicted to prescription pain killing pills,
    Especially when it now takes three to do the job of one,
    There’s the loneliness of darkness with an afternoon sun.

    Never align yourself with & stop listening to unbelieving others,
    Teachers, leaders, blood related as in sister or brother,
    People, who are always complaining, sick and broke,
    Do not let your neck be hung by their negative rope.

    Jeremiah 29:11, I know the plans I have for you to prosper, not harm,
    Now is not the time to be squeamish and sound the alarm,
    God’s blessing will never manifest and claim it’s proper place,
    Allowing the failure of a quitter to force you from the race.

    More often than not when employers are seeking to hire,
    It’s for the position of someone the company had to fire,
    This poem is written for the sole purpose to help all stay cool,
    God did not bring you this far just to say, “April Fool’s.”

    Who can have any kind of testimony without a grueling test?
    Whole idea behind training camp is to separate worst from best,
    Continue to give praise, honor and glory, magnify the Master,
    Only God in the name of Jesus can save you from your disaster.

    By the devil, our Lord and Savior was under constant attack,
    Satan caused the disciple Judas to stab our Messiah in the back,
    Why be surprised when friends do the same, it really doesn’t matter,
    Psalm 1:1, don’t you stand or sit in a seat where the scornful gather.

    Only the faithful word of God will forever be tried, pure and true,
    If I doubt it, then I should stop serving Him and start serving you,
    We’ve been given a gift but there’s still need to develop the fruit,
    Even a seasoned Army Ranger will not jump without a parachute.

    1st Corinthians 15:58, stand fast, act bold, dare to call the devil’s bluff,
    God will promote you but you’ll have to go through some serious stuff,
    Yeah, but it’s been weeks, months, years and I still haven’t got…,
    Two words come to mind when trusting in the Lord, “fear not.”

    When all odds are against you why be surrounded in doubt?
    Luke 1:37, all things are possible, God will bring you out,
    When feeling depressed, alone, beat, wearied and tired,
    Luke 12:48, to whom much is given, much is required.

    By Luke Easter

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