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"rebel without a *" -cause

Still looking for a rebel without: an ah, applause, a baas, a car, bearclaws, d’etats, card draws, faux pas, any flaws, Fracoise, guffaws, a hawse, in-laws, slack jaws, macaws, her ma’s, sein maus, the Land of Oz, cat paws, La Paz, a sauce, a souse, the shah’s, Bernard Shaw’s, a spa, paper straws, spring thaws, a vase, wah wahs, what was, Evelyn Waugh’s.


2 responses to “"rebel without a *" -cause

  1. Jim Hermanson April 15, 2007 at 6:10 am

    Trying to trace the origins of “rebel without a clue.” When did the James Dean movie title first generate this clever offspring? Can it be traced to one person/usage?

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