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Reading the Revelation at Lent

Excellent teaching by Debbie Gish at Church of the Sojourners in San Francisco, Reading the Revelation at Lent. Excerpt:

Like it or not, which often I don’t, we are actually in a battle, in a war. Being strong, being focused, being whole hearted and single-minded are painfully necessary….This isn’t a war of survival; this is a war of conquering. And in order to conquer, not just survive, we gotta get the Enemies ways and means out of our system. Not so that we are little pure, shiny angels or something, but because we fighting the Lamb’s war and we’re fighting with the Lamb’s weapons and for the Lamb’s victory. And we aren’t fighting this fight with Satan’s weapons; it’s not fighting fire with fire. It’s fighting fire with water; it’s fighting hate with love; it’s fighting infidelity with faithfulness; it’s fighting darkness with light. We aren’t trying to sneak across enemy lines and steal the enemies weapons and tactics and use them again them. To defeat the Beast we don’t need to study the ways of the Beast; we need to study and live the ways of the Lamb.


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