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Waxing gibbous

Today’s Earth and Sky discusses a few topics mildly dear to my lunatic heart. They discuss blue moons and time zones.

When there’s a second full moon of a calendar month, it’s come to be called a Blue Moon.

I like the careful use of “it’s come to be called,” since it is a bit controversial what “blue moon” means, and where it comes from. But I think they’re right that “the second full moon of a calendar month” is the most common meaning of “blue moon” these days.

They point out that not everyone in the world has two full moons in the same calendar month: Europe, for instance, has two full moon *next* month, because the full moon comes after midnight local times.

Oddly, the good people at Earth and Sky say, “Earth is divided into about 24 separate time zones.” There are actually about 39 time zones, with fractional time zones scattered here and there: Newfoundland, for example, is offset -3 hr 30 minutes from universal time, India Standard Time is +5:30, and Nepal is +5:45.

I think everyone should be subscribed to the world’s most boring mailing list.

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