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Interview with Steve Newcomb at Folksonomy

There’s a great interview by Sian Liu with Steve Newcomb, Powerset’s COO (and ultimately my boss). He describes life and work at Powerset, some of the risks, the culture of openness at Powerset,  and why we don’t see Google as the enemy. Granted, it’s not a hard-hitting interview (Liu even says “I am looking forward to … exploring long-term career opportunties in Powerset,” which blunts one’s objectivity), but it gives a good picture of what Powerset is like. One of the things I like best about working at Powerset is being able to work with Steve, and this gives a flavor of why, too.  

Unrelated to this completely, but today I learned that a coulter is “a sharp steel wedge that precedes the plow and cuts vertically through the soil.” Is it possibly true that “Coulter” is Ann Coulter’s  real family name? 


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