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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Word of the day: desultory

Acccording to the AHD:

Desultory suggests a shifting about from one thing to another that reflects a lack of method: a desultory conversation.

Pronounced: deSULtory. This is one of those words I thought I knew, but I didn’t when I actually looked it up. It’s a good word to describe this weblog.

The origins are described thusly:

[Origin: 1575–85; < L désultōrius pertaining to a désultor (a circus rider who jumps from one horse to another), equiv. to désul-, var. s. of désilīre to jump down (dé- de- + -silīre, comb. form of salīre to leap) + -tōrius -tory1]

I dunno. That seems just too good a story to be true.


In the future, everyone will wear bike helmets

One of my wackier predictions is that in the future, everyone will wear bike helmets. Obviously, not like current bulky bike helmets, but just as today it is almost unthinkable for someone to ride a bike without a helmet (at least for some people), I have been claiming that someday it will be almost unthinkable for to go outside without some kind of protection against impacts.

Well, it looks like my wacky dream may be coming true!