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The Iowa Caucuses

Hitchens on the Iowa caucus racket:

I was in Des Moines and Ames in the early fall, and I must say that, as small and landlocked and white and rural as Iowa is, I would be happy to give an opening bid in our electoral process to its warm and generous a

nd serious people. But this is not what the caucus racket actually does. What it does is give the whip hand to the moneyed political professionals, to the full-time party hacks and manipulators, to the shady pollsters and the cynical media boosters, and to the supporters of fringe and crackpot candidates.

Question: why does empire allow this? Is it a Caligulan, we can do anything we damn well please, spirit? Or some other less insane reason?


One response to “The Iowa Caucuses

  1. Michael H. January 3, 2008 at 12:43 am

    Despite having Iowan in-laws, I cannot really answer this question. They’re all very politically involved, as you might hope given this “first in the nation” bother, but that doesn’t mean all Iowans are.

    But! What I can do is point you to something that’s only dimly related: this video clip of me & my wife’s family waiting for a Obama rally while playing “Boggle!” The local news decided that this fit in with the story they wanted to do about the bad weather.

    (Windows/IE only, I’m afraid. Text version here.)

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