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arc is here

arc> (map [+ _ 1] '(1 2 3))
(2 3 4)
arc> `(arc is ,@'(finally) here)
(arc is finally here)


I should have mentioned: via lemonodor.


One response to “arc is here

  1. Michael H. January 30, 2008 at 12:08 am

    I immediately wrote to John to say, “What, isn’t this early for April Fools?”

    Someone on the project I’ve been working on wrote in to say, “Let’s rewrite everything in Arc!” But then the architect wrote in to quote Paul Graham and say, “Is ‘quick and dirty’ really what you want for this?”

    For myself, I have to say, the world needs more lisps, and Common Lisp needs incentive to keep changing.

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