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Michigan's primary

Should Michigan redo its Democratic primary for president?

I think it was shameful, scandalous and grossly stupid that our Governor Granholm, Senator Levin, and the state Democratic and Republican committees disenfranchised Michigan voters.

Millions of dollars were spent holding a sham election in which the only Democratic front-runner on the ticket was Senator Clinton. Her presence on the ballot was itself a masterful bit of triangulation, allowing her to garner votes while not spending any money on campaigning in Michigan and publicly committing to honor the Democratic National Committee’s rules.

The only reasonable course is for Michigan to split its delegates evenly between Senators Obama and Clinton. This at least gets Michigan representation at the national convention, is cost-free, and would roughly represent the opinions of Michigan voters (although I don’t know of any polling to support that).

My biggest fear is that Clinton will win the nomination via back-room negotiations using Michigan’s ‘super-delegates’ claiming to represent Michigan; this will be bad for Michigan and bad for the nation. If Granholm deserts the state to join Clinton’s cabinet, I will be very disappointed, and our poor state will suffer even more economic and political hardship.

I still stand by my prediction that Clinton will win the nomination and the election, although this is not an outcome I want. When will a real alternative to the Democrats and Republicans appear?

One response to “Michigan's primary

  1. Michael H. March 7, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    My thought, which has apparently been echoed on Newshour, is that the two campaigns split the cost for a proper re-vote. They’re both bragging about the vast, unreasonable quantities of money they’ve raised, and this would be a fair way out of it.

    Of course, your approach is much cheaper, and I’m sure there are those who’d say that McCain profits if Obama and Clinton spend their money on rerunning the primaries.


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