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Golden Gate Singing 2008 &c.

I enjoyed the Golden Gate Sacred Harp Singing this past week in San Francisco, and even managed to record the afternoon session (not a great recording, but not terrible either; the altos were strong, but perhaps not as strong as they sound in the recording). The singing was chaired by Natalia Cecire, who is working on a PhD in English at U.C. Berkeley.

I found a great quotation, by the way, in Natalia’s draft of a MLA presentation she gave, “From Stone Tablet to Pensieve: Media and History in Children’s Fantasy“:

[J.K.] Rowling [in the Harry Potter books] fashions a world of superior hypermimesis, an information culture enhanced by the magic, which, when sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from technology.

It’s great fun to sing in a convention organized by Natalia. Not only did it run like clockwork, she’s apt to lean over and point out that the images in the 19th century text of Peace and Joy also appear in the Old English poem, The Dream of the Rood:

Peace and Joy:

From the cross the radiance streaming
Adds more luster to the day.

The Dream of the Rood:

Listen! The choicest of visions I wish to tell,
which came as a dream in middle-night,
after voice-bearers lay at rest.
It seemed that I saw a most wondrous tree
born aloft, wound round by light,
brightest of beams.


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