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Powerset is here!

Powerset’s search for Wikipedia is now live!

Powerset is here!

One response to “Powerset is here!

  1. Michael H. May 12, 2008 at 11:36 am


    I’ve played around with it a little bit this morning, trying to come up with queries that were less likely to be answered literally inside wikipedia. Asking “how big is miami” got me a list of links, and after a short while, it added a square mile value at the top of the page. In “who penned the Canterbury Tales”, synonyms were popped in for “penned” so that the search turned up nice results.

    “How many films did Stanley Kubrick make” returned a list of movies, with icons, at the top of the page, while “how many books did Stanley Kubrick make” just returned text links. Seems appropriate. “Books” for Arthur C. Clarke again returned the list of books & covers.

    Very nice!

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