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Profiles in Ireny

(Ireny isn’t a word, but it should be)

I’ve been lurking on a discussion list, which will go unnamed. Mr ALLCAPS said that everyone in group X is either a Y or a Z. Mr. Irenic suggested that there might be a third category. Mr. ALLCAPS accused Mr. Irenic of being a ‘closet Y’ (with the comment ‘No Offense, just identification’). Mr Irenic replied:

Let me assure you that no offense is taken. Though I think your identification is slightly skewed, I don’t really mind whether one thinks I am a “closet Y”. Whatever I believe, I think I put it forth in the last post and it is not in the closet. What I don’t address clearly is not because it is in the closet, but probably because I simply don’t know. If you think I’m a Y, I have no control over that, nor any particular concern for it.

I really love the modesty and clarity of Mr. Irenic’s statement.


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