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Monthly Archives: August 2008

The gospel bin

Radiant Redbird
[Amazon.com] MP3 Albums > Christian & Gospel > Country Gospel > Sort Low to High

  • God’s Gonna Ride a Harley
  • Golden Bowls of Compassion
  • Radiant Redbird
  • When Santa Claus Met Jesus
  • Pale Rider
  • Time is a Space
  • Mama was Judged
  • Tha Chronicles of Junglistic Hip Hop (EP)
  • Jesus Is My Spotter – the Race Car Driver’s Anthem
  • Orca Chantress Beluga Shaman

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Who knew? Balloons in the movies

I had no idea balloons played such a role in the movies: see VSL.

100 most common English words

First, take this fun quiz.

And then …
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