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Kalamazoo to Sitka?

I’ve been thinking about traveling to Sitka, Alaska using my frequent flyer miles. But here’s what Northwest suggests a trip would look like there-and-back-again:

And that’s just to get to Juneau! I guess I won’t be going to Sitka. Unless Sarah Palin is offering rides.

One response to “Kalamazoo to Sitka?

  1. Joan Yoder Miller December 2, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    Sitka is WORTH it! Do you have time to hop a ferry to get there? The ferry is worth it, too!

    You and I met at your house at CarolSue’s divorce ritual. After that she sent a link to something you’d done in worship and I’ve bookmarked your site and find it a pleasure to read.

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