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Leap second 2009

Leap second 2009


I’m sitting in the airport at O’Hare after the longest plane taxi ride I can remember. It doesn’t really matter how long it took since the flight left late, arrived late, and I have even longer to wait to get on a flight to Seattle. I was supposed to be in Seattle this morning, but a mix-up on tickets (that was my own fault) meant I couldn’t leave until this evening. If things go very well, I’ll get to sleep by midnight Pacific time. Plus someone called me on the phone today to ask a favor and started yelling when I didn’t say yes.

This is as bad as my life gets.

Meanwhile, in Mumbai …
Meanwhile, in the Congo …
Meanwhile, in Sudan …
Meanwhile, in Detroit …

I don’t want to sound maudlin, but I feel like I have to record this to get out of my snit. Maybe I’ll be able to sleep on the plane, and maybe I’ll feel great tomorrow.


Some of proclaimed the “end of blogging,” and it’s certainly the case that I haven’t written as much for this weblog recently. I do a lot of the teaching at our church, and more recently have been trying to write out my teaching notes and to send them to people who are interested or just unable to attend on a given Sunday. It’s a lot easier to do a teaching from an outline than to write everything down so that it’s semi-coherent, and that takes a significant amount of time. We’re trying to be more deliberate about posting these teachings on the church website as well as on Facebook. And that, too takes time.

And about Facebook and Twitter. The 140 character limit of a Twitter ‘tweet’ is just right for a lot of the statusey things I write, and often attracts comments (both on Facebook and in person) that posting on the weblog doesn’t. For example, yesterday I twitted: “Thanks to Brad & Karen Bahler & others, I got to sing “Hoboken style” with the David & Johnny Lee in Indiana yesterday.”, and got two comments, one from a friend in Canada (“What exactly is Hoboken style”) and one from California, “Oooo… you lucky dog!” And, writing code takes a lot of time and effort.

So, I find myself writing either much longer things than I typically blog about as church teaching, or much shorter, conversational tweets on Facebook and Twitter. But I like the blog format, and am somewhat inspired to be more deliberative about it. A weblog post about blogging doesn’t really count, though.

I’d better go off and think of something to say.