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Moving to WordPress.com: six easy steps

I got tired of baking my own bread, or better, perhaps, emptying my own garbage, so I’ve moved my weblog to WordPress.com (where you are right now). Please update your links, RSS feeds, etc.

Here’s how to move a self-hosted WordPress weblog to WordPress.com, by exporting to XML and reimporting at WordPress.com. Depending on the version of WordPress software you are running, these instructions might have to be adjusted. Just look around: the right button or link is somewhere to be found.

  1. Go to WordPress.com and sign up for a weblog, or create a new one if you already have one there.
  2. Go to the Administration Panel of your current weblog. Delete all of your spam comments. If you have had your weblog for a while, you might have a lot.
    Go to “Comments”  (not “My Comments”), Look for the “Spam” link. If you’re comfortable deleting all the comments marked as spam, Press the “Delete all Spam” link.
  3. Go to the Adminstration Panel of your current weblog, and export your weblog.
    Go to “Tools/Export”. You might need to set an author. Press the “Download Export File” button. This will save a file called “wordpress-something-mumble.xml” or something like that to your local machine.
  4. Go to WordPress.com Administration Panel and import the data. Note: this doesn’t import images, just “your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags.”
  5. Explore setting themes, etc., creating an about page, etc.
  6. Put a weblog post at your old weblog pointing to your new weblog. There’s magjick that you can incant to make some things redirect automatically, but this seems like a reasonable thing to do.

It’s pretty easy to do, really; but, for some reason, I haven’t seen a very good write-up. I hope this is helpful. If it is, let me know! If not, or you have corrections, let me know, too.

2 responses to “Moving to WordPress.com: six easy steps

  1. Daniel Lemire September 10, 2009 at 12:50 am

    Your blog looks good. However, I find that beside the security issues, managing my own wordpress install has been very easy.
    Sure, I invested a lot of time learning wordpress, but now that I know how to run a wordpress install, I would not compare it to baking bread. More like making yogourt.

  2. Will Fitzgerald September 10, 2009 at 12:54 am

    Fair enough, Daniel … but I have several other blogs at WordPress.com, and it’s easier to just add another…

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