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Trying out “After the deadline”

Trying out WordPress’s “After the Deadline” spell/grammar/style checker.


I new someone what couldnt spell and who’s weblogs was avoided like the plague by shysters.


knew someone what couldnt spell and who’s weblogs shysters avoided assiduously.

Things it got right:

  • “new” for “knew,” even though “new” is properly spelled
  • found a passive (though passives aren’t bad, of course; dull writing is bad)
  • found a cliche, “like the plague” (which I hand-edited to “assiduously”)

Things it missed:

  • informal “what” introducing a dependent clause (not a real problem for me)
  • misspelled “couldnt” for “couldn’t”
  • misspelled “who’s” for “whose”
  • improperly suggested that “shysters” was misspelled
  • did not flag “shyster” as biased language

Still, it could be a useful tool if utilized correct used correctly you use it well.

(Note: you have to turn on proofreading options under your profile. You can decide to uncheck the passive voice nagger, for example).

(Second note: you’ll have to guess what AtD thought “nagger” was the misspelling of.)

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