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Blog post from Microsoft Word

Microsoft enters the mid oughties, and provides blog posting directly from Microsoft Word. Will it work, or no?

Actually, this is pretty cool. It seems to allow me to edit the current blog post, and even to assign categories. My cynicism is unbecoming.

But can I put in a table?

Dogs Cats
Are friendly Are stand-offish
Require a lot of attention Can leave them at home when you go on (short) vacations

And what about images?

This is Hal and me at the Golden Gate Sacred Harp Convention last month. Hal is singing. I’m just grinning.


One response to “Blog post from Microsoft Word

  1. Erik May 5, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    When Outlook can do it, then I’ll be impressed (that’s because on the rare occasions I blog for myself, I do it in gmail and send to posterous).

    Or can Outlook do it already? Hmmm…

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