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Nip it in the butt

I’ve seen two references to “nip it in the butt” for “nip it in the bud” recently, which reminded me of the “avoid like the plaque” post.

It’s a little harder to get statistics for this based on the public Bing data, which only goes to four tokens. But here are the most common following words for “nip in the ___”:

bud:46.79%, air:45.60%, h: 2.53%, butt: 1.05%, taste: 0.95%, form: 0.35%, bahamas: 0.25%, nip: 0.25%, </s>: 0.08%, us: 0.04%, post: 0.04%, office: 0.04%, images: 0.04%, counter: 0.04%, evening: 0.04%, twin: 0.04%, muck: 0.04%, buttoutkast: 0.04%

Nip Nip in the H Section” is referenced in the Urban dictionary. Nip in the taste bud seems to be a standard ‘clever’ headline. Nip in the bahamas is probably about a “nipple slip”.

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