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Not surprisingly, the past tense of “tweet” is “tweeted”

I have 100,000 tweets which were sent on 25 March, 2010. Of these, 2,522 had a token which matched the pattern ‘tw*t[*]’, which collected forms like ‘tweeted’ and ‘twittered’ (and forms like ‘twentysomething’ and ‘twilight’). I scanned these and found twenty examples of relatively clear uses of a past tense form of ‘tweet’ or ‘twitter’ (as a verb); there were only 21 of these. Of these 21, 20 where ‘tweeted,’ and the other was ‘twittered’ (It was actually ‘twittrd’, but I take that to be a mispelling). No ‘strong’ forms emerged (twote, twitted, twat) as some have suggested.

Although I didn’t count the number of uses of ‘twitter’ as a verb, I didn’t many instances in my quick scan. Based on this data–and more data really is needed–the past tense of ‘tweet’ is ‘tweeted.’


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